What, you might ask, does your website or business have in common with our header background above of a bricks and mortar wall ?

Well in some respects much, and in other respects little. It depends on how you want to look at things.

Much in the sense that your joomla website is built using many things - Components, Plugins, Modules, Extensions.

One Module, one or two Plugins, an Extension - do not make for much alone. But put several together and get interacting - and you have a website.

One or two bricks - and you do not have much - put several together you have a wall, a house.

Like your house - you need to undertake maintenance - painting, decorating, replace a broken or outdated appliance.

Your website too, needs maintenance - new advances in server technology, new more efficient, more feature rich extensions, plugins, components are released that make your website more efficient, more secure, faster.

So both, your house and your website require maintenance.

We hope you are here reading this and other articles on because you want to know more about creating and maintaining your online presence.

Perhaps you ask a question - Is Joomla the best to use for your website ?

The answer is not a straight forward 'Yes' or 'No'.

Perhaps like buying a house, or car, there are may considerations to bear in mind - what are we looking for ? What are our requirements ? What is ideal for one person is not necessarily ideal for another - yet, neither of us is 'wrong' - we each need to weigh up the pros and cons and then choose what is best for us.

Perhaps not surprisingly - we here at want to talk and write about Joomla so the choice maybe unexpected - we use Joomla.

It would be an honour to share our journey with you, as well as help you on your own journey.

If you are using, or looking to use the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) you may want a bit of insight and help - nothing wrong with that - people can also need insight and help building bricks-and-mortar constructions, painting, decorating, plumbing . . .

Sure enough when the creator of started out using Joomla several years ago there were many things not understood, and tasks not understood which now are much easier to understand and do - hopefully will pass the fruits of experience on to you too.

This is where we come in here at contains much of the "sample data" articles that you have the option of installing on your own fresh install of Joomla during the installation process.

All we have done here is rearrange where the sample data is located in terms of the Menu so that the Articles ("Sample Data") is easier to find, updated some of the Articles to reflect the more current release of Joomla, and add some of our own content / articles to make your current and future life at least a little easier.

We have added to extra Menu items, such as 'Skills' and 'Tools'.

Skills - here we go through some of the things that will make life easier for you - but don't worry if you are a little rusty - practice makes perfect.

Tools - these are additional Joomla Components, Plugins, and/or Modules (also collectively known as "Extensions") that will make your Administrative life easier.

If you get stuck, or just need some help - feel free to use the 'Contact Us' form and we shall reply as soon as possible.


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