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There are many, many websites and hard print books relating to Joomla! in general, and probably just as many that focus on one or two specifics.

If we at are able to help someone, somewhere, with anything related to Joomla! - then our aim is accomplished.

If you still have questions or concerns please feel free to Linking SmallContact Us with your inquiry and we shall endeavour to assist as fully as possible. is not affiliated with or endorsed by The Joomla! Project. Use of the Joomla!® name, symbol, logo and related trademarks is permitted under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters, Inc.

Joomla Versioning

Joomla is a continually progressing CMS.

Feature additions, feature removal, security fixes to name just three areas of change. recommends, for at least security reasons if nothing else, to only use the latest Joomla version.

To write about older family versions (for example Joomla 1.0.x, 1.5.x, 2.5.x where x is a sub-minor version) would be monumental, as well as perhaps encouraging older, insecure version families - on this basis - we here at will use, write about, and promote only the latest (currently 3.10.x and / or 4.2.x) version.

Where we refer to features of Joomla 3 we use the image J3, and for Joomla 4 we use the image J4 to help with clarity.

Thankyou for your understanding.

Food for thought

In various articles on we have placed boxes, like this one.

These boxes highlight an important fact, feature, tip or summary.

Some, exactly like this one - headed:
Food for thought give you an idea that you might want to explore - giving you a potential idea for your website and chosen domain name.

Language used is written primarily using en-GB (English - Great Britain).

Exceptions are made when we write Registered Trademarks.

Six full article exceptions have been made: two written in Italian, two written in Spanish, and two written in German. This is in order to appeal to our Italian, Spanish and German language readers respectively.

Other articles have also been written principaly in GB English (en-GB) with national or local translations alongside.

Site visitor input

Here at we are always looking for ways to improve.

Whether that be additional facts for one (or more) article(s), corrections to one (or more) article(s), new articles entirely, or improvements to site usability.

Perhaps you are an existing Joomla user with comments.

Whatever reason you may find - please feel free to get in Linking SmallContact with us and put forward your comments.

Long Read

Some of our articles here at are quite long.

When this is the case you will see a "Long Read" image near the top left of the article - the same as the image you see below this text - to forewarn you.

For our Italian, Spanish, and German language articles we have endeavoured to use the corresponding language for the "Long Read" image.

Long Read

Following on from the above 'Long Read' - some of our articles are exceptionally long - particularly with tables - to help you (at least a little bit !) we have included 'Article Navigation Assistant' table sections - so where you see either of the following within a table you can use these to Navigate the article when you have read as far as your concentration allows.

Article Navigation Assistant

Article Navigation Assistant

HelpWhere you see the question mark next to a link - this typically refers to a link that takes you to a Help page.

Please note that a number of 'Help pages' linked to on are to Joomla 3.10.x help pages. Over time we shall update these to take you to Joomla 4.x.x help pages.

If you wish to use Joomla 4.x.x you may wish to go straight to the Linking SmallJoomla 4 Documentation

Currency IncomeIncome / Revenue

Here at we do not charge a fee to our site visitors, or to register, or to answer any questions you may present to us.

Our revenue / income comes solely from the following sources:

- Google Advertising / advertisements that appear on various pages of - when a site visitor selects an advertisement of interest.

- Google Search ("Internet Search") - when a site visitor carries out an Internet Search using our module of that same name.

- Website hosting advertisements - we get an affiliate fee from SiteGround when a site visitor selects a Siteground related advertisement or link and the visitor subsequently signs up with Siteground for a website hosting package.

While we need an income which goes towards our hosting costs, our principle motivator is to help people.

Linking Small or linkWhere you see the link symbol / icon next to (before or after) a written link - this typically refers to a link that takes you to an external / Third Party website, an internal page / article, or to a specific section of the same page that you are reading.

magnifying glass orangeWe have several images. Where an image contains an orange magnifying glass in a corner similar to the one you see to the left in this information box - select the image and a pop-up version will appear. When the pop-up is showing - clickclose brown white (close button) or anywhere outside the pop-up to minimise the pop-up.


There are some instances where we need to make a statement, in order to be fully transparent, that is not affiliated to or endorsed by given examples of websites.

Such a statement is headed with the word: Disclaimer.


Here at when we write about a topic we try to give real-world examples.

Such examples are given below a header titled: Examples - this might also be translated into another language based on


Sometimes we may need to expand on, or explain, some of our table entries.

These will be expanded on, or explained in a section headed 'Notes' like this one, within the corresponding table.


Sometimes we may need to clarify some of our table entries, or items said in an article.

These will be clarified in a section like this one, within the corresponding table or article.