Saturday, December 15, 2018

This Policy / Document explains the Advertising Terms.


"We" "Us" "Our" - means

"Site" "Website" "Our Site" "Our Website" - means

"You" "Your" - means the User visiting or using Our Website. The person reading this Policy / Document.

"This Document" "This Policy" - means this Advertising Policy.

"Advertiser" - Means any person or business engaging Us and Our Site for the placement of one or more advertisement.

"Advertisement" - Means any word, words, image, images, or combination of one or more words and image(s) that promotes a service or product supplied by the Advertiser.

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Website Advertising

From time-to-time We may accept one or more Advertisement for placement on Our Website.

The Advertisement location(s) on Our Website and the length of time the Advertisement is placed for is determined between Us and the Advertiser.

Advertisements advertising certain products and/or services, or worded in certain ways - will never knowingly be accepted for placement on Our Website - such products / services / wording includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Gambling;
  • Illegal drugs;
  • Drugs paraphernalia;
  • Weapons;
  • Weaponry;
  • Scams;
  • Get rich quick schemes;
  • Advertisements displaying, promoting, encouraging: hate and/or violence,
  • Adult items or content such as, but not limited to: Nudity, Por*nography;
  • Misleading, false, fraudulent, deceptive;
  • Offensive, profane, vulgar;
  • Non-accredited teaching institutions, schools, colleges, universities;
  • Websites that are reputed for sending sp*am;

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Advertising Types and Styles

Any Advertisement(s) that contain(s) flashing images, graphics, or rapidly rotating images may not be accepted as these can be a trigger to certain medical conditions that Our Site visitors may have.

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We will never knowingly display one or more advertisement that is false, misleading or fraudulent, or in breach of the list two paragraphs up from this one. If any advertisement is found to be in breach We will terminate the Advertisement immediately.

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Policy Document Updates

This Policy / Document may be updated at anytime.

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Policy Document Date of writing

This Advertising Policy / Document was written on: 24th March 2018.

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