Thursday, November 15, 2018

This document explains the Anti Spam Policy of


"We" "Us" "Our" - Means

"You" "Your" - Means You - the person reading this Policy / Document. The Website visitor.

"Site" "Website" "Our Site" "Our Website" - Means

"Policy" "Document" "This Policy" "This Document" - means this Anti Spam Policy

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What Is Spam

Spam is electronic messaging typically sent for marketing or commercial purposes that is one or more of the following: unsolicited, bulk, unwanted or indiscriminate messaging/messages. does not like, or endorse spam.

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Our messaging systems scans incoming messages.

Any messages that are identified as, or potentially as spam will be filtered out accordingly.

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Communications From Us

There will be times when We will need to communicate with You.

Some of these communications are system generated and includes the following:

  • You request a Username Reminder;
  • You request a Password reminder / reset;

Other times that We may need to communicate with You includes the following:

  • You contact Us, send Us a message - through Our Contact form and We need to reply to You;
  • We need to communicate with You regarding Your Account with Us;

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Unwanted Messages From Us

If You receive one (or more) message(s) from Us that You consider as spam please contact Us through Our Contact form for advise.

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Policy Document Updates

This Policy may be updated at any time.

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Policy Document Date Of Writing

This Policy was written on: 24th March 2018.

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Cookie Control

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