Monday, March 19, 2018

This Disclosure Statement tells you about what does or does not receive in terms of payments and/or favours.

Advertising / advertisements: receives monetary income from the following sources:

  • Google Advertisements;

On various pages and positions within there are advertisements placed by Google based on the content of

When a site visitor chooses to select an advertisement will receive a fee.

Affiliate Fees:

On various pages, articles and positions on there are specific links to other businesses/companies, as well as text/image advertisements.

Some of these text/image advertisements utilise GEO (Geographical) targeting and so will only be seen by site visitors from within the Geographical area targeted.

For example, some businesses advertised have prices in Euro (€), GBP (£ Great British Pounds), Australian Dollars ($AUD), or United States of America Dollars ($USD). We have endeavoured to display such advertisements within the currency zone of those currencies/geographical areas.

Geographical targeting uses the ip address of the site visitor to determine their geographical location.

However, GEO targeting using the ip address of the site visitor may not always be 100% accurate therefore some visitors may receive/view advertisements that have not been specifically targeted to them.

Whenever a visitor chooses to select such an link and/or text/image advertisement and follow up with a purchase from the business, will receive a fee or commission.

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