Thursday, November 15, 2018

This document explains the Links Policy for

Definitions and Terminology

"We" "Us" "Our" - Means

"Site" "Website" "Our Website" - Means

"You" "Your" - Means you - the person reading this document. Our Site visitor.

"This Document" "This Policy" - Means this Links Policy.

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Status of Linking To Us

Linking to Us is welcome and open subject to compliance with This Document

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Links to this website

Links to this Website must not be misleading.

Link text should be appropriate.

From time-to-time We may update the URL structure of this Website causing some links to this Website to produce 404 Page Not Found errors/messages.

Where We find that a Link produces a 404 Page Not Found error/message We will endeavour to create a redirect so that visitors will be redirected to the correct location, or an alternative location should the linked page no longer exist.

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Links from this Website

Our Website includes links to other websites - We are not responsible for the Policies of the other websites.

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Removal Of Links

Where We request the removal of one or more links to Our Website You agree to remove the link(s) promptly.

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Reciprocal Linking

We are happy to consider reciprocal linking.

If You have a request for Us to consider reciprocal linking You should contact Us via Our Website Contact form.

With reciprocal linking We shall consider the following points:

  • Website and Link relevancy;
  • Your website should have a means for Your website visitors to be able to contact You.

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Policy Document Updates

This Links Policy / Document may be updated at any time.

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Policy Document Date Of Writing

This Links Policy / Document was written on 24th March 2018.

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Cookie Control

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