Thursday, November 15, 2018

This Policy explains Our Terms and Conditions for Your use of

List of Terms

1) Definitions

"We" "Us" "Our" - means

"You" "Your" - Means You - the person reading this Policy / Document. Our Website visitor.

"Site" "Website" "This Site" "This Website" - means

"Policy" "This Policy" "Document" "This Document" - means this Website Terms and Conditions Document / Policy.

"Message" "Submission": means a message sent to Us via Our Contact form.

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2) Your Responsibilities

You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any information that You provide US.

You are responsible for keeping Your login details safe and secure and must not share these details with anyone else.

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3) Site Maintenance

From time-to-time this Website may be unavailable due to essential maintenance.

This maintenance may mean Website functionality and accessibility may be reduced or suspended for the duration of such maintenance.

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4) Other Site Policies

Our website also contains other Site Policies / Documents.

These include:

  • Privacy and Cookie Policy;
  • Advertising Policy;
  • Anti Spam policy;
  • Disclosure Statement;
  • Links Policy;
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy;

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5) Communications from Us

There may be times when We need to communicate with You;

Some of these communications are system generated, such as when:

  • You request a Username reminder (Forgot Username);
  • You request a Password reset (Forgot password);
  • You register on This Website;
  • You send Us a Message (Submission) via Our Contact form - You will be sent a system generated email containing Your Message (Submission) details as well as a "Thank You" message;
  • You change a setting, and/or parameter, and/or field within Your Profile;

Other communications from Us may include:

  • When You contact Us via Our Contact form;
  • When We need to communicate with You regarding Your Account with Us;

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6) Registration

From time-to-time We will allow Website visitors to register on Our Website.

When You register on Our Website, Your password must meet the minimum conditions listed here:

  • Minimum 10 characters long comprising:
  • Minimum of two digits (0 - 9);
  • Minimum of two symbols (e.g. £$%&*);

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7) Third Party Websites

Our Website contains links to other websites, external to This Website.

We are not responsible for the Terms and Conditions, or any other Policies of websites linked to from Our Website.

8) Policy Updates

This Policy may be updated at any time.

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9) Policy Date

This Policy was written on 25th March 2018.

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