Templates give your Joomla website its look and feel.

Your website Template determines:

  • Layout
  • Colours
  • Typefaces
  • Graphics

As well as other aspects of design that makes your website unique.

Your installation of Joomla comes prepackaged with two frontend templates - this is what your site visitor(s) see, plus two backend (Administrator area) templates - the Administrator area is where you go to administer your website.

So, quite conveniently, Joomla comes ready to use.

However, there are many, many Joomla template developers and businesses - many offering two levels of template accessibility: Free templates, and for-a-fee templates.

Most of those template developer websites also have a 'Demonstration' (Demo) version of each template - on their own website - so you can get something of an idea of what it looks like.

Hot Tip 500 x 500

Before using a free, or paid-for template check for things such as:

- Compatibility with Joomla version
- Compatibility with your server PHP version


Linking SmallTemplates

Linking SmallTemplates - Styles

Linking SmallTemplate - Options

Linking SmallTemplates - Edit Style

Linking SmallTemplates - Customise

Linking SmallTemplates - Customise Source
Other 'Template' Help

Mail Templates

Linking SmallMail Templates - Edit


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