Templates give your Joomla!® website its look and feel.

Your website template determines:

  • Layout;
  • Colours;
  • Typefaces;
  • Graphics;

And other aspects of design that makes your website unique.

Your installation of Joomla comes prepackaged with two front-end templates - this is what your site visitor(s) see, plus two back-end (Administrator area) templates - the Administrator area is where you go to administer your website.

HelpJoomla Templates Help.

So, quite conveniently, Joomla comes ready to use.

However, there are many, many Joomla template developers and businesses - most offering two levels of template accessibility: Free templates, and for-a-fee templates.

Most of those template developer websites also have a "Demonstration" (Demo) version of each template so you can get something of an idea of what it looks like.


Before using a free, or paid for template check for things such as:

- Compatibility with Joomla version;
- Compatibility with your server PHP version;