The EU (European Union) introduced an EU Cookie Directive in 2011.

The EU Cookie directive is quite in-depth.

In summary, the EU Cookie Directive requires websites owned in the EU, or targeting visitors in the EU, must give visitors the right to block cookies, and to explain to website visitors what cookies are used by that website.

Each EU member state has an "enforcing" institution which is set the task of enforcing the EU Cookie Directive within its own borders.

Within the UK the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is tasked with the enforcement of the EU Cookie Directive within the United Kingdom.

The UK ICO has produced this 30 page EU Cookie Directive guidance document

It is outside the scope of this article to explain all the legalities and technicalities of the EU Cookies Directive except for a very simple summary:.

The acceptance of cookies can be Explicit or Implied.

When the acceptance (or not) is Explicit - you explicitly say Yes, or No, to the acceptance of cookies. Whatever you say - how does a website "remember" your answer ? By a Cookie - so as a Website developer you might find yourself in a no-win situation.

Then there is Implied. By continuing to visit a website your visitor is implying that they are ok with Cookies - providing the visitor knows cookies are used.

The UK ICO has determined that Implied Consent is acceptable.

While other EU member states enforcing administrations may require "Explicit" consent

Here at UsingJoomla.com we do use a Joomla! extension that brings to the attention of site visitors that we use cookies.

You may (should have) noticed a bar pop up at the bottom of the page that looks like the following image

The Web357.com Cookie notification Bar is fully customisable - custom CSS can be used, colours and wording can be customised to suit you - so what you see here is as it has been customised by usingjoomla.com.

Colours for example can be set to suit the theme, look and feel of your own joomla website.

The notification bar can contain up to four buttons, the exact wording is customisable: 'Accept Cookies' 'Decline Cookies' 'About Cookies' and 'More Info'.

Clicking 'Accept Cookies' will cause the notification bar to stop appearing again until you clear your browser cookies. 'More Info' - this will take you to our (or, for you: your) Privacy and Cookies Policy. The link can be set to open a 'moda'l' window, a new window, or on the same window / tab that your website visitor is on. 'About Cookies' will open a modal window within which we explain about the different cookies we use.

If visiting this site using a mobile device, the Cookie Bar will automatically appear appropriately to the device screen size that you are using.

So, why do we say so much about this ?

If you are required to comply with the EU Cookie directive, whether Explicit Consent or Implied Consent is required, you may like to visit the Cookie Notification Bar (for Joomla!) developer who has produced a highly configurable solution to the EU Cookie Directive.

Whether you need "Explicit" (Cookies are blocked until accepted) or "Implied" consent the Web357.com Cookie Policy Notification Bar is highly recommended.

Extensions found on the Joomla Extension Directory total over 8000 extensions.

Out of those extensions web357 Cookie Notification Bar plugin is in the top 400 of those extensions based on user ratings.

Great job from this brilliant developer.

The following features are available:

Feature Included
Multilingual Support Yes
Option to block cookies until visitor clicks 'accept' Yes
7 Styling Positions - Top, Bottom, Center, Top left, Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right Yes
Duration of message appearance in seconds Yes
Animate duration - in milliseconds - default is 2000 Yes
Limit the number of times the notification bar will appear if button is not clicked Yes
Message - the message that is given in the bar is customisable Yes
Font colour - you can choose / set the color of text font Yes
Link colour - you can choose / set the colour of the link text Yes
Font size can be changed within settings Yes
The body of the page can be locked until the user Accepts or Declines Yes
Choose if you want to allow the notification bar cover the body of the page Yes
Button styling can be customised Yes
Background opacity can be changed Yes
Background colour - you can set this according to your template colours if you wish Yes
'Always Display' setting (useful for de-bugging)
The cookies notification bar will be displayed even if the user 'accepts' or 'declines' cookies.
This feature is mostly used by administrators in the first steps of setup and customisation.
Limit the number of times the notification bar will appear if button is not clicked Yes
Custom css - you can enter your own cookie bar CSS within the plugin settings page Yes
Include or exclude from specific pages Yes
Debugging tools Yes
Choose 'Yes' or 'No' to load jQuery Yes
Select 'Yes' or 'No' to show bar in iFrame Yes
'More info' button can link to any URL you enter in 'More info link' setting box Yes
Custom Javascript allowed - enter your own javascript Yes
Set Cookie expiration time Yes
Show the notification bar in selected countries and / or continents using GEOip web service Yes
Hide the notification bar in selected countries and / or continents using GEOip web service Yes
Choose whether or not to refresh the page when user accepts / declines cookies Yes
Option to always accept / allow Joomla Session Cookies Yes
Option (parameter) set to 'Yes' or 'No' to have cookies automatically accepted based on the visitor scrolling * Yes

* In some countries it is permitted to automatically set cookies as accepted by the visitor scrolling the page and continuing to use the website. This feature within the Cookie Notification Bar can be set to 'Yes' (automatically accept Cookies by visitor scrolling) or 'No' (do not automatically accept Cookies when the visitor scrolls).

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