Monday, November 29, 2021

Your Joomla!® website, probably like most if not all websites, contains many, many files that "make" your website function.

There are CSS files (Cascading Style Sheets), php files, javascript files.

Joomla itself, and installed extensions, will have these files.

Every-time your website is loaded into your site visitor's browser, the required files have to be loaded.

If there are several files of each file type this loading of multiple files takes time and is one aspect that determines to one extent or another how fast your website loads. Remember waiting for that rotating loading symbol ?

We can reduce the number of files loaded by combining them into the minimal quantity possible. Ideally, this will be one file. realistically this may be one or two files of each file type. This is file optimisation.

So when your visitor views a page the loading speed is reduced. Great news. Your visitor is not so likely to get fed up waiting.

To the recuse is a package that is highly configurable with multiple levels of optimisation.

JCH Optimize provides this package to achieve file optimisation by combining files.

Available are two types:

  • Free;
  • Pro.

As with most "Free versus Pro" extension versioning the Pro version contains features not available in the Free version. suggestion: Try the free version. when you are happy with the functionality and set up process and find you want more - go for the Pro version.

JCH-Optimize requires an element of configuration. Depending on what other packages you have installed on your Joomla website you may find the need to tweak the settings which includes the ability, when needed, to exclude combining files from other named / specific feature on your website. But this does not have to mean that your site load speed will be "poor".

Remember: if you can, for example, reduce CSS files from 16 files loaded individually down to 3 or 4 files, you will have made a load speed improvement.

To see a "Free versus Pro" comparison please visit, and scroll down at JCH Optimize downloads and comparison .