admintools joomlaHere is another highly recommended extension for your Joomla!® powered website.

As you develop and administer your website you will most likely find that you need that bit more in order to make your life easier.

security 326154 640 resized copyAdmin Tools does what it says.

Administrative tools inside one package that will help you to administer your website.

Administering your website is probably quite a broad, far reaching statement, so lets narrow down a bit what Admin Tools can do for you.

Maintain - you can optimise your database(s).

Protect - the web application firewall (WAF) can help to protect against the vast majority of common website attacks.

Secure - you can change your database table prefix to a random prefix, randomise your super user id, and fine tune file permissions.

Here you can read an Akeeba Admin Tools Overview.

There are two versions of Akeeba AdminTools available:

  • Core version - free of charge;
  • Professional - for a fee; suggests trying the Core version first to give you a feel of what the package is capable of.

The Admin Tools Core version does not contain all of the features that are contained within the Akeeba Admin Tools Professional (Pro) version - you might like to see a comparison table:

J3The table* below compares the Akeeba Admin Tools Core version versus Akeeba Admin Tools Professional (Pro) features Akeeba Admin Tools version 6.1.7 - the latest version available as at 10th July 2022 for Joomla 3.10.x

J4Please be aware that with the release of Joomla 4 - different releases of Akeeba Admin Tools are available for Joomla 4 - for Joomla 4.0.x the latest release of Akeeba Admin Tools is version 7.1.11 released on 26th September 2022.

This comparison table will be updated according to feature changes in newer releases of the software.

The table below does not compare all features - if the feature you might be looking for is not listed here - please visit the Akeeba Backup website.

While We endeavour to be accurate - if there is any doubt about the features, the final point of reference should be made directly to the : Akeeba Admin Tools product page

*Credit and thank you to Akeeba Limited for allowing the use of a Feature Comparison Table

Feature Core Pro
Emergency Off-line Switch Yes Yes
Customise permissions Yes Yes
Administrator Directory Protection with Username / Password Yes Yes
Change folder and file permissions Yes Yes
One click temporary files cleaning Yes Yes
Change database collation Yes Yes
Repair / Optimise database tables Yes Yes
Single click purge/optimise sessions table Yes Yes
On-the-fly link rewrite Yes Yes
URL Redirection No Yes
Scheduled cleanup No Yes
PHP file scanner No Yes
Disable directory listings No Yes
Protect against common file injection attacks No Yes
Disable PHP Easter Eggs No Yes
Block access to security-sensitive files No Yes
Block direct access to PHP files No Yes
Force index.php parsing before index.html No Yes
Optimise expiration time No Yes
Compress static resources No Yes
Redirect index.php to site root No Yes
Redirect www / non-www No Yes
Force HTTPS for specific URLs No Yes
Force HSTS header No Yes
Full logging of security exceptions No Yes
Email notifications of security exceptions No Yes
IP blacklisting No Yes
Administrator IP white-listing No Yes
Administrator URL secret parameter  No Yes
Change administrator login URL No Yes
Email notification of Administrator area logins No Yes
Forbid front-end super-user login No Yes
Monitor or forbid front-end super-user creation No Yes
Monitor or forbid extension or Joomla configuration No Yes
SQLi shield protection No Yes
Cross site scripting block No Yes
Malicious user agent blocking No Yes
Remote File inclusion block No Yes
Direct file inclusion block No Yes
Uploads scanner No Yes
Anti-spam filtering No Yes
Hide / customise generator meta tag No Yes
Block access to Joomla extensions installer No Yes
Disable editing back-end user properties No Yes
X-Content-Encoded-By  HTTP Header content for GZip compression customisation No Yes
X-Powered-By HTTP header override No Yes
Block tmpl=foo system template switch No Yes
Block template=foo site template switch No Yes
Project Honeypot HTTP:BL integration No Yes
Auto ban IPs No Yes
Customised exceptions No Yes

This article is not so much about how to use Admin Tools but to draw your attention to its existence - recommends that you refer to the very thorough Admin Tools user's guide.

If you find that something needs to be clarified you might want to visit the Akeeba Support Forum to find an answer to your question.

If you have a question before subscribing to the Professional version (pre-sales question) you should send a pre-sales question using the Akeeba Contact Us page.


There are a number of security packages available.

The general advice is not to install more than one such package - as with your PC, or laptop, multiple security packages can give rise to conflicts - causing more issues than are solved.

The Administration and Security package promoted here is highly recommended by


linkAkeeba Admin Tools Overview

linkAdmin Tools user's guide

linkAkeeba Support Forum

link Akeeba Contact Us page (Pre-sales questions can be asked via the Akeeba Contact Us form).


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