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The default Joomla!® installation includes an editor for creating new articles and editing existing articles - this is great because this allows you to make a start on creating your Joomla website.

Here at UsingJoomla.com we have a recommendation for a different editor to the default Joomla editor.

Once installed you can choose / set this new editor as the default editor in your site administrator area Global Configuration.

So - what and where is this editor ?

JCE Editor (JCE: Joomla Content Editor) has two versions:

  • Core - free
  • Pro - for a subscription/fee

The JCE core (free) version offers a good selection of functionality, while the JCE Pro (Professional) version offers added functionality not found in the JCE core version.

Pop over to JCE for an overview of the JCE Editor.

In summary the versions comparison is below, and is also on the overview page linked to above:

Feature Core Pro
Upload Images Yes Yes
Rename images Yes Yes
Delete Images Yes Yes
Cut Images Yes Yes
Copy Images Yes Yes
Paste Images Yes Yes
Create Links to categories Yes Yes
Create links to articles Yes Yes
Create Links to weblinks Yes Yes
Create links to contacts Yes Yes
WYSIWYG view Yes Yes
Code view Yes Yes
Preview Yes Yes
Create tables Yes Yes
Edit styles Yes Yes
Format text Yes Yes
Spellcheck Yes Yes
Control layout and features with profiles Yes Yes
Image editing No Yes
Image resizing No Yes
Thumbnailing No Yes
Manage audio and video No Yes
Embed YouTube videos No Yes
Embed Vimeo videos No Yes
Create links to files No Yes
Create styled captions on images No Yes
Full featured Source code editing No Yes
Emoticons plugin No Yes
File manager plugin No Yes
Media manager plugin No Yes
Image manager extended plugin No Yes
Integrated support for Markdown No Yes

To read on how to install JCE Editor, on the Joomla v3.x series of Joomla please view the JCE Editor installation instructions.

For tutorials on specific aspects of JCE Editor, please browse the JCE Editor tutorials and JCE Editor documentation


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