We have endeavoured to provide insight for a new user to create their own Joomla powered Content Management System (CMS) website, as well as provide a new and non-new Joomla user some food-for-thought.

However - we here at Usingjoomla.com - appreciate only too well that as a person progresses, from one step to the next, questions arise. Some things may not be absolutely clear - or even known if it is possible to do what is wanted. You may have that seed in your mind - can you do it ? How ?

While we hope to provide specific tutorials - there is a myriad of things a website developer wants to achieve - to know, just know, what any of these things are would require us here at UsingJoomla.com to be psychic (unfortunately, we are not psychic - otherwise, perhaps, we would have either won the lottery jackpot, or already written every conceivable tutorial).

Joomla can be updated at regular intervals.

A Joomla update contains security fixes, as well as other functional improvements and additions.

The updates can easily render a tutorial that is good today as woefully innacurate tomorrow.

To interrogate each and every update versus each and every tutorial - updating the tutorial(s) - can be a never-ending task - but please, please, do not let this be a distractor to using Joomla. Instead use it as a fair reason why in-depth tutorials have not yet been placed on UsingJoomla.com

The same principle applies to each and every tool we write about in our 'Joomla Tools' category / mainmenu tab.

There are two things UsingJoomla.com can do.

If you have questions, or need some clarification, Linking SmallRegister on UsingJoomla.com (registration is free and only takes a few minutes), Linking Smalllog-in, and contact us - we will do our best to help.


A number of our Articles have at least one help link to the Joomla documentation - perhaps what better place to receive help.

Where specific help is online we include the question mark next to the word Help - like what you see here at the top of this box.


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