Even seasoned professionals sometimes need a little help and direction.

Fortunately there are many places you can get help with Joomla from within your Joomla or from other people who have experience with this fine Content Management System.

In many places in your site administrator you will see the help icon. Click on this for more information about the options and functions of items on your screen.

In a number of our Articles we include 'Help' tables similar to the one below with links to specifc Help Resources and / or more 'Generic' Help Resources. These may be part of a larger table or 'Stand-alone' like this one below


Linking SmallJoomla Support Forums
(Your question may have already been asked and answered)
Linking SmallJoomla Documentation
(A great source of Official Joomla Documentation)
Linking SmallProfessionals / Joomla Service Providers
(Directory of Professional Joomla Services Providers)
Linking SmallJoomla Books
(A selection of Joomla orientated books via Amazon)
(This is an affiliate link)