Monday, November 29, 2021

Categories allow you to organise two key areas of your Joomla website:


For your articles you can create your own categories, write one or more article and then assign that article, or those articles, to a created category.

First you need to create your Content Categories. If you only want one category that is fine.

Then, write your articles, one at a time - during the article writing phase you can assign that article to one of your categories.

Then, you can add a menu item to list all articles in a category - select your category - and when a site visitor selects that menu item a list of articles in that category are listed.

For example, on, if you chose the Web Hosting menu item you will see a list of articles we have placed in the Hosting category.

Currently, an article can be assigned to only one category although you can change the article to a different category later.

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Similar to Articles, you can create Contact Categories for your site contacts.

First, in your contacts component create your Contacts Categories.

Then create your Contacts and place the contact into the respective Contacts Category.

As examples of Contact Categories you might have:

  • Sales;
  • Support;
  • Service;

You might even want to offer Contacts for regions - these can be split into "Regional Contact Categories", for example, if you are in the United Kingdom:

  • South of England;
  • North of England;
  • London;
  • Wales;
  • South of Scotland;
  • North of Scotland;

The limit is only the limit of your imagination.

Your Contact component can be configured to show the Categories.

When your site visitor goes to your "Contact" or "Contact Us" (or similar) page - the Contact Categories are listed - your site visitor selects the category that suits their needs and the site contacts within that category are listed.

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