If you have a multilingual Joomla website you can translate your content from a single interface - the Multilingual Associations Component.

The Multilingual Associations Component allows you to edit, side-by-side, without any need to close one and open another multiple times.

In your Administrator area you can have an 'Administrator Module - Multilingual Status' Module which shows an icon in the Title Bar to provide access to the multilingual parameters in Multilingual sites.

Your Multilingual Associations Component is accessed via your Joomla Administrator area.


Linking SmallMultilingual Associations

Linking SmallMultilingual Associations - Edit

Linking SmallMultilingual Associations - Options

Linking SmallAdmin Modules - Multilingual Status

Linking SmallCreating Multilingual Associations Automatically
Languages Help Resources

Linking SmallLanguages - Content

Linking SmallLanguages - Options

Linking SmallLanguages - Installed

Linking SmallLanguages - Overrides

Linking SmallExtensions - Languages

Linking SmallLanguages - Edit Override

Linking SmallSite Modules - Language Switcher

Linking SmallLanguages - Edit Content Language

Linking SmallExtensions - Extension Manager - Languages

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