Monday, November 29, 2021

The Users extension allows your site visitors to carry out a number of actions, such as:

  • Register;
  • Login;
  • Log out;
  • Change password;
  • Change other information within their Profile;
  • Recover / reset their forgotten password;
  • Recover their forgotten username

In the site administrator area the Users extension allows you (your site Administrator) to:

  • Create users;
  • Block users;
  • Manage users;
  • Create User groups;
  • Create Access levels

User Groups and Access Levels let you, your website Administrator, determine what content is seen or not seen by various users, as well as what users can do, or not do, in your site Administrator area.

For example you might only want family photos and family related articles to be seen by your family, or certain members of your family - so you as website administrator could create a User Group: Family, and set the article Access Level as: Family, family members who are registered on your website can be assigned to the Family user group. When a member of the Family user group logs in to your website front-end they will be able to see (access) articles and photos that are assigned to the Access level of Family - other visitors (logged-in or not) will be unable to access those articles/photos if they are not in the Family Access Level.

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