Your Article Categories Module displays a list of categories from one or more parent categories.

A note of caution: when setting this up this Module you need to pay attention to two similar words:

  • category
  • categories

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When you want to try something such as a new Module, set the access level to 'Super User', publish the Module on a specific page of your website, and then login to the frontend of your website, navigate to the page where you published the Module (in this case) and you will see the Module but no-one else will see it.

If / when you are happy, set the access level to, for example Public where everyone will see it.

Below we present an image showing an Articles Category Module - used as a Module on this Article page. The Module is displayed on the right-hand side when viewing on a large screen, or below the article content when viewed on a small screen (for example on a mobile phone.

Article Categories Module ExampleArticle Categories Module Example

In Joomla, Modules are created and managed via the Administrator area.


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