The Custom Module allows you to create your own Module using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.

You can put virtually any content that you like within the Module - for example: text, images, text and images.

You can have a 'Site Module - Custom' which displays on the front-end of your website, and there is an 'Admin Module - Custom' which will display in the Administrator area of your website.

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When you want to try something such as a new Module, set the access level to 'Super User', publish the Module on a specific page of your website, and then login to the frontend of your website, navigate to the page where you published the Module (in this case) and you will see the Module but no-one else will see it.

If and when you are happy, set the access level to, for example, Public where everyone will see it.

Here on we have a numnber of 'Site Module - Custom' (Custom type Site Modules) - such as the 'Joomla Websites Showcase' titled Modules, and the 'Hosting' titled Modules.

The image below shows one of our 'Hosting' custom site Modules.

Custom Module ExampleCustom Module Example

In Joomla, Modules are created and managed via the Admninistrator area.


Linking SmallSite Modules - Custom

Linking SmallAdmin Modules - Custom
Linking SmallModules

Linking SmallModules - Options