Breadcrumbs provide a pathway for users to navigate through your site.

Quite often you will see something like this which is called Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs - option 1

Breadcrumbs can be enabled, or disabled, via your site Administrator area, and can usually placed in a site template module position, or for example at the top of an Article or Category.

The words "You are here:" can be chosen to be shown, or not shown, according to your administrator's preferences, as can the 'Home' text.

If you choose not to display the text: 'You are here' - your Breadcrumbs Module will look like the next image . . .

Breadcrumbs - option 2

And showing: 'You are here' text, but not showing: 'Home' text . . .

Breadcrumbs - option 3

You can also choose to not show the 'You are here' text as well as not show the 'Home' text . . .

breadcrumbs - option 4

'Home' usually refers to your website desginated home-page.

The highlighted words can be clicked and doing so will take your visitor to that place on your website. Breadcrumbs can perhaps be seen as a trail that lets your website visitor know where he or she is in terms of the hierarchy of your site's navigation.

Breadcrumbs is all automatic - little configuration is required except setting up whether or not the words "You are here" is displayed or not.

In Joomla, Modules are created and managed via the Administrator area.


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