Your Joomla website can be set up as a multilingual website.

You can download your chosen Language Pack and set up your website so that it can be viewed in the chosen language of your website visitor, providing that language is installed and set up.

Your Language Switcher Module allows you to take advantage of the language tags that are available when content, modules and menu links are created.

This Module displays a list of available Content Languages for switching between them.

When switching languages, it redirects to the Home page, or associated menu item, defined for the chosen language.

Thereafter, the navigation will be the one defined for that language.

Creating a multilingual Joomla website can be quite complex and may be a task to undertake once more familiar with Joomla.

The 'System - Language Filter' Plugin must be enabled for this Module to work properly.

Here, we show you an example Language Switcher Module - the Module title (Language Switcher in our example image) can be changed to whatever you want to call it. The image below is an example of what your site visitors (frontend) will see.

Language Switcher Module Example v2

In Joomla, Modules are created and managed via the Administrator area.


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