The Authentication Plugin Group operate when users login to your website frontend or Administrator area.

The Joomla Authentication Plugin is in operation by default but you can enable Cookie or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) or install a plugin for a different system.

The Authentication Plugin is used to check and verify that login (username and password) credentials are correct (valid).

Default state: on

  • Joomla

Default state: off

  • Cookie
  • LDAP

Authentication also includes 'Two-factor Authentication' - this allows your site users to use Two-factor Authentication for activities such as Logging-in to your site.

There are three Two-factor Authentication avenues (in no particular order here):

  • Single-use code received onto your mobile phone
  • YubiKey
  • Google Authenticator

YubiKey - Users need their own YubiKey - available from Linking

To use Two-factor Authentication, users need to edit their User Profile and enable Two-factor Authentication.

Google Authenticator - Allows users on your site to use Two-factor Authentication using Linking SmallGoogle Authenticator.

For your site users to use Google Authenticator, you - the site Administrator - will need to edit the User's Profile and enable Two-factor Authentication.


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