Fresh installs of Joomal 5 do not include a default captcha - Recaptcha plugin.

Captcha - Recaptcha plugins suitable for Joomal 5 may be available though the Joomla Extension Directory.

There is much discussion about this - we shall update this article when or if we get more information.

Your Captcha Plugins are used to help prevent spam submissions of your forms such as Registration, Contact, Login, Forgotten Password, Forgotten Username.

The Captcha Plugins cover the two 'types' of Captcha available.

  • CAPTCHA - Invisible ReCAPTCHA

Captcha is an acronym for: completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.









turing* test

(to tell)







* turing: The turing test is named after Alan Turing - a computer scientist and founder of the Turing Test.

Captcha is a test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human.

Captcha software can help because it can block robot software from falsely submitting forms - although, like anything, some unscrupulous people endeavour to create programs that can cheat (or beat) captcha with varying degrees of success. Perhaps a bit like a lock picker.

Your basic installation of Joomla includes one Captcha Plugin which leverages the ReCaptcha® service but you may install other Plugins connecting to different Captcha systems if you desire.

Note: ReCaptcha® is a the trademark of Google Inc. and is an independent product not associated with or endorsed by the Joomla Project. Complete instructions are available if you edit the ReCaptcha Plugin in the Plugin Manager.

In order to use ReCaptcha® you will likely need to create an account with Google and obtain two domain specific 'keys' - one Site key, and one Private (secret) Key and enter these keys in their respective place within your ReCaptcha Plugin in order for captcha-Recaptcha to work.

There are various 'forms' of Captcha that you can choose from. One example, as we use here on is shown in the images below. Your user clicks the "I'm not a robot' checkbox (first image below) a popover then appears '(second image) and your user then answers / solves the puzzle.

The puzzle will be different in so far as there are about a dozen different items you are asked to select, for example: Pedestrian crossings, fire hydrants, buses, bicycles, palm trees ,shops, motorcycles.

The Google reCatpcha version 2 gives you some choices:

  • Size
    • Normal
    • Compact
  • Theme
    • Light
    • Dark

Within your Joomla captcha / Recaptcha Plugin you can choose between Normal or Compact, plus choose between Light or Dark

So the combinations are

  • Normal + Light
  • Normal + Dark
  • Compact + Light
  • Compact + Dark
  • From the images below - here at we use Normal + Dark

    Compact Dark
    (Click image to view larger)

    Size: Compact

    Theme: Dark
    Compact Light
    (Click image to view larger)

    Size: Compact

    Theme: Light
    Normal Dark
    (Click image to view larger)

    Size: Normal

    Theme: Dark
    Normal Light

    (Click image to view larger)

    Size: Normal

    Theme: Light
    Capture Second

    In Joomla, Plugins are managed via the Administrator area.


    Linking SmallPlugins - Edit - Captcha Group
    Plugins Help Resources (Generic)

    Linking SmallPlugins

    Linking SmallPlugin - Options


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