Editors are used throughout Joomla where Content is created. Content includes: Articles, Category Introduction(s), and Module content.

TinyMCE is the default choice in most locations although CodeMirror is used in the template manager. No Editor provides a text box for html content.

The following Editor options are provided with your default Joomla installation.

  • CodeMirror
  • TinyMCE
  • No Editor

Default off:

  • None

The default, built-in TinyMCE Editor may be a good starting point while you get used to Joomla.

If you find you require "more" from your editor, here at UsingJoomla.com we recommend that you consider a Joomla specific editor which you can use - such as Linking SmallJCE - Joomla Content Editor.

In Joomla, Plugins are managed via the administrator area.

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The help links below direct you to the Joomla Documentation Help pages.

If you install additional Editors such as the Linking SmallJCE - Joomla Content Editor - you will have additional Editor Plugins in your Plugins list to those listed in the Joomla Documentation


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