SearchYour Joomla Search Component uses Plugins to control which parts of your Joomla site are searched - for example when visitors use your Search Module, or Smart Search Module.

You may choose to turn off some areas to improve performance or for other reasons that as an Administrator you can determine and decide for whatever reason(s) you choose.

Many third party Joomla Extensions have Search Plugins that extend where search takes place.

Joomla Search Component default setting is On for the following searchable areas of your website:

  • Content
  • Weblinks
  • Contacts
  • Categories
  • News Feeds

In Joomla, Plugins are managed via the Administrator area.


You also have a 'Search' Component and a 'Smart Search' Component which works in conjunction with the corresponding plugin.


Throughout you will see references to 'Search' and 'Smart Search'.

Please let us clarify some things as the difference can be confusing (ambiguous ?) - you may, or may not, have a 'Search' feature / component for the reason(s) given below.

Search provides (provided) a basic, straightforward search feature  - while Smart Search offers indexing and more advanced search capabilities with filtering.

'Smart Search' has been greatly improved in Joomla 4 - more streamlined, greater performance, and is more modern.

'Search' has not been removed on systems which migrated to Joomla 4 from an earlier version of Joomla.

If you had a website using Joomla 3 which has 'Search', it was moved over to your migrated site - when you migrated to Joomal 4 -however, if you do start a new site usingr Joomla 4 the original 'Search Component' is no longer installed - it has been considered outdated and no longer suitable for modern designs.

As 'Search' is beding phased out, moving to 'Smart Search' is simple - however, some websites may require special attention, especially if Plugins have been created specifically for your website, or if third-party Extensions installed their own Search Plugins.

'Search' and 'Smart Search' both rely on Plugins - there is a Plugin for every kind of data that can be searched and indexed - when it comes to core Joomla, you will find plugins for Categories, Content, and Contacts. By enabling or disabling those Plugins, the 'Search' Extensions can provide more or fewer results from different sets of data.


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