Saturday, December 15, 2018

Using Joomla!® requires some skills.

While a basic knowledge of the skills listed here will be very beneficial, do not worry or stress too much if you feel a little lacking.

Practice make perfect.

To fully utilise your Joomla development experience you should be able to do (or improve on) the following (in no particular order):

  • Navigate the world wide web (to most of us that is: the internet);
  • Create folders and sub-folders on your computer or laptop;
  • Download files;
  • Save downloaded files onto your computer, or laptop;
  • Find those downloaded files !
  • Move (copy / paste) those files into one or more of the folders you created;
  • If those folders / files are compressed ("zipped") - be able to extract (Unzip / decompress) them;
  • Use a text editor;
  • Use an ftp program (ftp: file transfer protocol); I recommend: CuteFTP;
  • Upload files / folders via the internet from your computer or laptop;

Again - do not worry if you are a little lacking - take your time, one step at a time - learn how to do these things first and foremost - speed, and confidence, comes later.

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