Although using Joomla requires some basic skills, Joomla can be used by anyone regardless of age or background.

While a basic knowledge of the skills listed here will be very beneficial, do not worry or stress too much if you feel a little lacking.

Practice make perfect.

The skill level that you reach is determined only by your own desire and motivation to learn.

To fully utilise your Joomla development experience you should be able to do (or improve on) the following (in no particular order):

  • Navigate the world wide web (to most of us that is: the internet)
  • Create folders and sub-folders on your computer or laptop
  • Download files
  • Save downloaded files onto your computer, or laptop
  • Find those downloaded files
  • Move (copy / paste) those files into one or more of the folders you created
  • If those folders / files are compressed ("zipped") - be able to extract (Unzip / decompress) them
  • Use a text editor
  • Use an ftp program (ftp: file transfer protocol); recommends: Linking smallCuteFTP
  • Upload files / folders via the internet from your computer or laptop

Again - do not worry if you are a little lacking - take your time, one step at a time - learn how to do these things first and foremost - speed and confidence will come later.

While there are many, many, good resources available on the internet helping you to learn and find answers to your questions, sometimes it can be very useful to have a book or two to hand so that you can have a ready-to-hand guide and reference.

During your Joomla travels you may well need some knowledge of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - at minimum.

When more experienced you may well need to know about Javascript, SQL (Structured Query language), Java, PHP (Pre Hypertext Processing - sometimes called Hypertext pre-Processing) and Bootstrap.

Below we provide you with some resources which may help - and indeed are often referred to by

Learning Resources

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Linking SmallCSS

Linking SmallPHP

Linking SmallSQL

Linking SmallJava

Linking SmallHTML

Linking SmallBootstrap

Linking SmallJavascript

Books From Amazon

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