Saturday, December 15, 2018

Looking for, choosing, and registering your domain name can be an interesting journey.

So, what is a domain name ?

A domain name is the name of your website - people enter this name into their web browser in order to view your website.

The domain name of this website is

The domain name consists of two parts:

  • the name, for example mydomain;
  • and the extension, for example .com;

This site is usingjoomla, and the extension is .com

Like our choosing a host article we could write a lot.

There are many articles already out there on the internet.

Instead of repeating what most of those articles say, has decided to point you to a good one:

Choosing a domain name

In order to get your domain name you will need to search to see if it is available and if available you will need to register that domain name.

Here at we suggest the following domain name registrar:

Domain name registration with Heart Internet

If you wish to register a domain name recommends registering with OnlyDomains

Most web hosts provide two services:

  1. Web hosting;
  2. Domain name registration;

If you want to keep your domain names and hosting within one port of call that is fine, although you can often find good domain registration deals by looking around. Some people suggest that it is good to actually keep your hosting and domain name registration providers separate.

At we keep our hosting and domain name registration providers separate.

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