Looking for, choosing, and registering your domain name can be an interesting journey.

So, what is a domain name ?

A domain name is the name of your website - people enter this name into their web browser in order to view your website.

The domain name of this website is usingjoomla.com

The domain name consists of two parts:

  • the name, for example: mydomain
  • and the extension, for example: .com

This website domain is: usingjoomla

And the extension is: .com (dot com).

Like our choosing a host article we could write a lot.

In summary: a domain name should

  • Be as short as possible;
  • Be easily remembered;
  • Reflect you, your business, your target audience;

What is the longest-named live domain name ?

Spoiler alert . . .

Read on to find out . . .

There are many articles already out there on the internet.

In order to get your domain name you will need to search to see if it is available and if available you will need to register that domain name.

sign warningCaution

When deciding on, or choosing, a domain name be careful about using a domain name that is or contains a trademarked name and/or a name which is similar to another person, business or trademarked name.

A similar name could mean people get confused between your website/business and another person's business.

If your domain name is solely one word which is a trademarked name, or more than one word of which at least one word is a trademarked name - the same applies - confusion, as well as potential legal action by the trademark holder(s).

Some registered trademark holders have a policy of issuing a Trademark Usage Licence (or similar) that is granted or declined based on certain criteria.

If in doubt: get legal advice.


usingjoomla.com is on the list of Approved Domains for use of the trademarked name "Joomla" in our domain name.

Approval date: 7th March 2018.

Recommended Domain Registrars

Here at UsingJoomla.com we suggest the following domain name registrars:

linkDomain name registration with OnlyDomains

linkDomain name registration with Heart Internet

linkSiteGround domain registrations

If you wish to register a .co.nz (dot co dot nz) domain name UsingJoomla.com recommends registering with OnlyDomains


As with finding a web-host, it can pay to take a look at the reputation of domain registrars.

Not only for reliability but also for cost effectiveness.


Another reason to be cautious when choosing a domain name.
Try to keep it simple, and easy to repeat and understand verbally, as well as correctly seen by Google.
A long domain name, and / or a domain name that contains a hyphen - does not really "roll off the tongue".

If you speak the domain name: metoyou (me to you) - the person listening could think:
- me2you (me 2 you)
- metou (me to u)
- me2u (me 2 u).

Also, Google is very clever. You have the business: Joe's Exchange. The domain name: joesexchange can appear to Google as: "joes exchange" or "joe sex change"

Most web hosts provide two services:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name registration

If you want to keep your domain names and hosting within one port of call that is fine, although you can often find good domain registration deals by looking around. Some people suggest that it is good to actually keep your hosting and domain name registration providers separate.

There are certainly pros and cons to whichever you choose.

Here at UsingJoomla.com we keep our hosting and domain name registration providers separate.

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sign warningCaution

When deciding on, or choosing, a domain name registrar - do shop around - and do not be "fooled" by seemingly "very low" domain registration costs.

Some domain registrars offer a very low (sometimes free) first year registration - subsequent years renewal cost could go up to the Registrar's normal annual cost.

The free, or heavily reduced, year(s) registration could be for "new customers only" (so much for loyalty !) or conditional on paying for a minimum length of registration.


Earlier in this article we asked you:

What is the longest-named live domain name ?

This is a real, genuine place name in Wales, United Kingdom.

Unless you speak Welsh, you may have trouble with this one.


Also, linking to the above website is:

Linking Smallllanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogochuchaf.com