So, you are wanting to use Joomla

There are three things you need to get started:

  1. Joomla - we have talked about Joomla and its features elsewhere on
  2. A domain name - ours here is
  3. A hosting account

In this article we shall write about hosting.

Finding the right host is a minefield - there are hundreds vying for your business.

You need to know what to look for, here is a list of what to look for - in no particular order - they are all important factors:

  • Speed
  • Support
  • Joomla hosting compatibility - you might also want to read our article Linking SmallJoomla requirements
  • Security

Well - by the time the author of this article finished writing about all the details of choosing a web-host - before reading to the end you will have either fallen asleep, just plain given up, or looked for a better article.

- We do not want you to fall asleep.

- We do not want you to give up.

So that leaves the "find another article" solution.

Well - we found one for you.

OK - it is written by a web-host - but to be fair to them - they remain understanding, realistic, and neutral.

Perhaps though we are biased - the article is written by the current host of - we hope you will see this as a great promotion of a Joomla compatible host with great server speed, great support, great security and a never ending desire to be the best.

Probably a leader in the field - many other hosts now seem to "copy" - perhaps the greatest form of flattery.

Hope you have a good, enjoyable read of the articles that the follow:

Just in case you are wondering though - yes - does have a recommended Joomla hosting provider. All is explained in our article Linking SmallHosting with our recommended provider


When you have narrowed down your choice of potential web-hosts - you can narrow it down further by asking the potential host a "pre-sales" question or two (or three).

Ask at least one question that you feel you know the answer to already.

Then make a judgement based on their answer(s) and demeanour.

Were the answers: prompt, polite, accurate ?

Was their demeanour non-pressurising ?