Unlike our articles on Joomla Security, the context of this article is in respect of creating one (or more) word(s), or phrase(s), by utilising the domain name extension.

All over the Internet there are articles regarding the pros and cons of using a Domain Hack.

As a domain hack can achieve two key positives in choosing a domain name:

  • Catchy
  • Memorable

There are a number of country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) extensions that can or could be utilised. However - remember that to register some country code domains require conditions to be met, or there are restrictions such as local presence.

Early known domain hacks include using the domain extensions:

  • .net
  • .gs
  • .me

Such as:

  • inter.net (representing the word: internet);
  • blo.gs (representing the word: blogs);
  • gooutwith.me (representing the phrase: go out with me);
  • marry.me (could be used as a dating site ?);
  • employ.me (could be used as a recruitment website);
  • program.me (representing the word: programme);
  • pri.me (representing the word: prime);
  • the.me (representing the word: theme);

Over time we at UsingJoomla.com hope to increase the list we provide here.

A live example is at

Linking SmallDowntownsanfrancis.co (DowntownSanFrancis.co)

A few others we have thought of:

  • sanfrancis.co (representing the city: San Francisco);
  • san-francis.co (representing the city: San Francisco);
  • antig.ua (representing the country: Antigua);
  • nicarag.ua (representing the country: Nicaragua);
  • Mexi.co (represnting the country: Mexico);
  • .cv officially a Top Level Domain (TLD) extension for Cape Verde, could it be used as a Curriculum Vitae (CV) website ? (e.g yourname.cv)
  • .mp officially the Top Level Domain (TLD) extension for the Northern Mariana Islands - could it be used as a Member of Parliament (mp) website ? (e.g yourname.mp)


As with choosing a "conventional" domain name, when considering a Domain Hack you should be cautious and wary of using trademarked names - otherwise you might find yourself in "hot water".

Food for thought

Considering their potentially memorable and catchy nature - a domain hack could be very successful and lucrative.>

sanfrancis.co or san-francis.co mentioned above could be classed as a premium domain and cost several thousands of pounds £GBP for the domain name alone.

Food for thought

.ly is the top-level-domain extension for Libya.

However, there are many English words ending in ly that could leverage the use of a .ly domain extension.

- accidentally (accidental.ly)
- anxiously (anxious.ly)
- badly (bad.ly)
- bravely (brave.ly)
- breathlessly (breathless.ly)
- certainly (certain.ly)
- correctly (correct.ly)
- directly (direct.ly)
- eagerly (eager.ly)
- effortlessly (effortless.ly)
- generously (generous.ly)
- homely (home.ly)
- lovely (love.ly)
- monthly (month.ly)
- perfectly (perfect.ly)
- proudly (proud.ly)
- safely (safe.ly)
- yearly (year.ly)
- monthly (month.ly)

The list could go on.

Simply (no pun intended) do a "google search" for: words ending in ly

Domain Name Registrars

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