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Further to our article Choosing a web site host we are able to make a recommendation.

After trying more than one web host is pleased to recommend Joomla hosting with SiteGround.

So, what is good about SiteGround ?

SiteGround offer three shared server hosting packages:

  1. Start Up - suitable for one website;
  2. Grow Big - suitable for multiple websites, and has the option of using SiteGround's "SuperCacher" which greatly improves Joomla!® website loading speed;
  3. Go Geek - Suitable for multiple and larger websites - with added "geeky" features.
SiteGround Plans Shared Hosting 2018

Apart from being the host for and the Joomla demo site, SiteGround has:

  • Amazing speed: With user selectable PHP versions;
  • Top Data Centers;
  • Support that is superb;
  • High up-time and account security;
  • Experience with hosting Joomla!

Lets take those one at a time in a summary, each characteristic has a link leading you to an article at SiteGround where you can read more in-depth, as well as get "a feel" for SiteGround's approach and uniqueness.

We have also included four videos which we hope will help you choose SiteGround for your Joomla hosting.

Faster - SiteGround provides equipment as standard on a shared server that many hosts only provide on higher prices hosting packages.


Top Data Centers - SiteGround provides data centers in strategic locations around the globe so that you can choose a data center nearest to yourself or where you expect most of your visitors to come from.

linkTop data centers

Support - SiteGround has a belief that support should be fast and accurate.

When the developer of switched to SiteGround from an alternative provider it was a matter of a few minutes before a very welcoming message from SiteGround was received with a "Is there anything we can help you with ?" message and a "Please contact us if there is anything we can do" message.


High up-time and account security - SiteGround has a proactive approach to maintaining server up-time and account security - so much so that other hosts are now beginning to replicate SiteGround's server approach:

  • Uses Linux containers;
  • Pro-active server monitoring;
  • Secure account isolation;


SiteGround Review

Ready to signup with SiteGround ?

Signing up is a very easy, 3 step process . . .

1) Choose your desired hosting plan

Step 1 Choose your plan gbp

2) Choose / enter your domain

At this step you can use a domain you have already registered through a domain registrar, or register a new domain through SiteGround.

step 2 - Choose your domain

3) Review and complete

At this step you can decide on the length of the plan - for example 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. As well as decide on any extra service(s) you might want to utilise.

step 3 Review And Complete gbp

Cloud Hosting Signup

Signing up for a Cloud Hosting Plan is also a simple process.

Step 1 - Choose your pre-configured plan

Cloud Hosting English Sign Up Step 1

Step 2 - Review and Complete

Cloud Hosting Signup English Step 2

Or create your custom Cloud Plan

On the page where you can choose your plan (step 1 above) - select the link below the plans: 'Configure your own cloud'

On the 'Configure your own cloud' page you can use the slider(s) to select the number of CPU cores you require, the amount of RAM mmory you require, and the level of SSD drive size you require.

Cloud Hosting English Configure Your Own Step 1

Then, review and complete.

Cloud Hosting Custom Step 2 Review And Complete

So while we are writing and reading about Joomla and Joomla hosting, perhaps you would like to consider taking a 90 minute test drive of Joomla!

Go to Joomla demo and Test drive Joomla Scroll down and click the "Launch Test Drive" button and you will be inside the Joomla Administrator area.