Wednesday, May 22, 2019

A sponsored TLD (Top Level Domain) is a category of Top Level Domains (TLD)

This category of TLD has a sponsor for one or more specific purpose.

The sponsor may belong to an ethnic community, professional group, or geographical region.

The sponsor will be responsible for developing and maintaining Policies, and enforcement of Policies for the operation of that domain category.

The list below is liable to being updated as up-to-date information is obtained. In the meantime the information below is offered here in good faith.

Domain Sponsor
.aero SITA
.asia DotAsia
.berlin DotBerlin
.cat puntCAT
.coop DotCooperation
.edu Educause
.gov General Services Administration (USA)
.int IANA
.istanbul Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
.jobs Society of Human Resources Management
.lgbt Afilias
.mil USA Department of Defense Network Information Center
.mobi dotMobi
.museum Museum Domain Management Association
.post Universal Postal Union (UPU)
.sex ICM Registry
.tel TelNic ltd.
.travel Tralliance (Travel Alliance)
.xxx International Foundation for Online Responsibility

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